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5 Most Important Workplace Wellness Programs You Can Implement

Working can be stressful sometimes: it’s a fact of life. However, just because it’s stressful doesn’t mean it has to impact a person’s physical or mental health. These days, businesses are embracing company wellness programs, offering services that improve their employees’ mental and physical health and increase morale and productivity.

Here are some of the most effective wellness programs you can implement in your organization.

Five Important Company Wellness Programs with Great Returns

  1. Offering flexible hours

One thing that became obvious during COVID-19 pandemic is that many modern businesses really didn’t need to be tied to the traditional 9-to-5 work schedule. Offering flexible hours to your employees, if possible, may be one of the best wellness programs of all. As work-life balance is becoming increasingly important to many people, offering the option of flexible office could even be a great advantage.

  1. Physical wellness programs

When people think ‘corporate wellness programs’ they’re usually thinking of physical fitness, which is a large component of any workplace wellness program. According to CareerBuilder, the top five symptoms causing missed work are fatigue, aches and pains, sleeplessness, high anxiety, and weight gain. There are a number of benefits of implementing a health and wellness program in the workplace, including the fact that employees in good shape will have more energy and be more productive, they’ll also get better at setting and achieving goals. Additionally, regular exercise can help burn away stress and make it easier for employees to get through the day.

Lastly, implementing a workplace wellness program that encompasses health benefits will lower healthcare costs for businesses.

  1. Mental wellness programs

Corporate gyms and other physical wellness programs are fantastic, but don’t overlook your employees’ mental health. Sponsoring meditation sessions or yoga programs can help your employees achieve better mental stability,

  1. Offering healthy food choices

According to the American Heart Association, four out of five employees agree that having healthy food options at work is important to them. So, what sort of food options do your employees have access to at the office? By ensuring your cafeteria is stocked with low-fat/low-sodium snacks, you’ll also help prevent increased health costs down the road.

  1. Financial wellness programs

Financial problems can pose significant stress for employees throughout, which is why financial wellness programs are such a good solution for addressing those concerns. You can improve the lives and morale of employees by offering financial counseling to help them save for the future, and meet their daily financial obligations more comfortably.

Did you know that nearly one-third of Americans are often or always stressed about money? That can have significant and negative impact on your company. Employee financial programs can help. When your employees feel confident about their finances, they are more optimistic about their future, they are more productive at work, and able to reset and refresh at home. Additional benefits of financial wellness programs include increased employee satisfaction, greater employee retention, reduced absenteeism, and even stronger employee recruitment.

Learn About Company Wellness Programs Today

Mentoro seeks to spread financial literacy in your workplace by creating custom programs that ease financial stress and equip your employees. For more information, contact us online today to learn more about our employee financial wellness programs or call 1.844.324.2411.

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