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Does Your Corporate Financial Wellness Program Create Long-Term Change?

Are you helping your company choose what employee benefits to offer? If so, implementing a financial wellness program in the workplace is a must. Unfortunately, these days, there aren’t many programs out there that truly help employees gain a firm understanding of their financial situation. But don’t worry, the team from Mentoro is here to help!

However, you might be wondering precisely how a workplace wellness program can set your employees up for long-term success, so we’ve collected some insightful information for you here.

What “Results-Driven” Means When it Comes to Financial Wellness

If you’re implementing a workplace financial wellness program, choosing one that’s results-driven is essential. But what exactly does this mean? Firstly, it means a program that delivers results for both the employee, as well as the employer. This means implementing a financial wellness program in the workplace that allows you and your management team to monitor how your employees are doing financially and whether they’re preparing for retirement properly.

A comprehensive workplace wellness program is designed to implement key financial behavior changes for your employees’ success!

How Does a “Results-Driven” Program Benefits Help Workers?

Consider what your employees go through financially on a daily basis. Do you ever have staff members requesting payroll advances or taking time off work to deal with financial issues? If so, there’s a problem. Perhaps you’re also concerned about improving 401K enrollment. All of these types of issues can be resolved with the right workplace financial wellness program.

Financial education programs that will offer long-term results include tips and services like:

  • Debt elimination
  • Insurance
  • Investing
  • Emergency savings
  • Budgeting
  • Programs that focus mainly on education and information
  • Status quo programs with annual seminars on investing
  • Programs that offer tools for budgeting or investment calculations
  • & More!

How Can Such a Program Help Your Company?

One of the primary ways that a solid financial wellness program can benefit your company is by improving employee productivity. It’s no surprise that a happy and healthy employee is a productive one, so the less they stress about money the better. With a solid financial plan in place, they’ll be able to focus on their tasks during the workday knowing that they’re taking the necessary steps to plan for the long term.

Contact Mentoro today for more about financial success!

Do you want to give your employees all of the tools they need to be financially stable in the long term? If so, the team of financial education experts from Mentoro would love to hear from you. Contact us online today or call 1 (844) 324-2411.

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