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How Top Workplace Wellness Programs Will Empower Your Employees in 2021

Every year, more and more employers recognize the benefits of having workplace wellness programs – particularly during difficult times such as these.  Wellness programs are inexpensive to implement and bring a range of benefits to employees as well as employers. Happy, financially stable, and confident employees are more productive, and a small investment into their wellness turns into big gains for your company.

But how do you recognize the best corporate wellness programs and separate them from the rest? The leading corporate wellness programs stay on top of trends in addition to offering a range of services to their clients, everything from financial insight to health and wellness solutions. Let’s look at a few of the most popular ones.

Three Must-Have Services from Your Corporate Financial Wellness Programs

  1. Mental wellness programs

When people think about “corporate wellness” they usually think of physical health, such as access to company sponsored gyms and physical health programs.  While that is part of the equation, your employees’ mental health is just as important. According to the World Health Organization’s Mental Health and Work study, depression and anxiety cost the global economy approximately $1 Trillion (USD) each year in lost productivity. That’s why an increasing number of corporate wellness programs are beginning to add guided meditation and yoga to their offerings in order to enhance employees’ well-being.

  1. Financial guidance

According to PwC’s annual Employee Financial Wellness survey, more than half of employees indicated that they stress about their financial situation and they worry about money – and those surveys were conducted before the Coronavirus outbreak. That number is expected to increase dramatically in 2021. Many employees lack the knowledge or the practice of good financial habits and therefore, could be in a troublesome situation that causes them stress. But corporate wellness programs can improve money management habits among employees, helping them move away from living paycheck to paycheck and increasing retention. Having a great program can even help you attract better talent to your organization.

  1. Advanced analytics and data tracking

When choosing your workplace wellness provider, make sure the program offers extensive analytics and regular cadence reporting. Knowing the trends, identifying concerns and problems, can help you address them in a proactive manner. Corporate wellness programs benefit businesses as well. By tracking statistics involving morale, productivity, and attendance, a corporate wellness program provider can show you how the situation is improving. For example, according to Sun Life, companies with successful health and wellness programs are 40% more likely to report an improvement in financial performance.

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