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Our Offering

Collaborative Financial Wellness℠

Through Collaborative Financial Wellness℠, we empower participants and aim to create a happier and more productive workplace. Offering financial wellness to employees is an opportunity to help in correcting a major crisis. The working population is living in a state of financial stress. they're spending more, saving less and jeopardizing their financial health in the process. Our solution engages, examines, educates and empowers!


We are not just a tech-play; we are a people solution!

We have the personnel and resources to service all involved. We manage the logistics to monitor and maintain progress so that you don't have to. Our mentors become experts on your company benefits and are available on-site or virtually to coach participants. Quality control measures, such as employee training, stringent processes, data archiving, and security protocols have been put in place to ensure program success for each of our clients.


We leverage technology as our digital arm!

Engaging technology allows us to propel participant action with the amazing features and benefits of our portal. Gamification makes otherwise mundane or intimidating tasks fun. We can provide empirical and aggregated data back to our clients that most have never seen before, which aids in determining future best practices. As good stewards of this data, we ensure all privacy and security measures are in place.


We use behavioral finance for greater understanding!

We evaluate participants on 48 behavioral insights, which allows our mentors to share a deeper understanding of a participant's current situation. We follow a service model of behavior change and maintenance to ensure all participants are fighting the psychological challenges that often hinder our financial journey.