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Company Wellness Programs

Company Wellness Programs from Mentoro


Did you know? You can easily empower your staff and create a happier and more productive culture by implementing a company wellness program. At Mentoro, we offer collaborative financial wellness solutions designed to get your workforce on firm financial footing. Now, more than ever, the working population is spending more, saving less, and placing their financial well-being at risk.

It’s our goal to help educate companies by examining their financial well-being and empowering their staff to build a solid foundation for the future.

How Do our Collaborative Financial Wellness Plans Work?

You might be wondering exactly how we provide you with a roadmap to financial success.

Firstly, we leverage engaging technology to propel participation with the many features and benefits of our proprietary wellness portal. We equip our clients with key data and insight to help them determine best practices for the future. We also employ gamification to make more intimidating or mundane tasks fun.

However, we are not just a tech solution: all of our services are designed with our participants in mind. Your employees need unbiased human interaction. Our mentors are keen on your company’s benefits and offer extensive employee training, data archiving, and other stringent processes to ensure success. And lastly, our financial wellness solutions evaluate participants on 48 behavioral insights, allowing our mentors to have a greater understanding of a participant’s financial situation.

How to Determine if Your financial Wellness Program is Successful?

Our financial wellness checklist will give you the keys to determine if your current financial wellness program is successful, outlining areas such as:

  • Program Pricing
  • Engaging Technology
  • Participation Rates
  • Benefit Integration
  • Contact & Support
  • Customized Approach
  • Human Interaction
  • Unbiased Education
  • & Turn-Key Solutions!

Contact us today to learn more about our successful corporate wellness program!

It is our belief that financial mentors are the last great hope for educating individuals and organizations on positive behavior change and healthy financial habits. Our expert team is here to support your goals, give you tools, and provide a plan that drives results. Don’t leave your financial future on rocky footing. Learn more about our offerings by contacting us online today or calling 1 (844) 324-2411.